Tranquility under control

Emergencies require actions that need to be quick, coordinated, and appropriate. Be connected to people you trust in the area you are responsible for, and be informed in real time of the ground situation, thanks to reliable, credible and verifiable field information.
heropolis solution mobile d'alerte géolocalisée

Heropolis, a mobile geo-localized alert solution

Heropolis is a fully secure solution enabling people who are referenced by the authority to raise enhanced geolocalized alerts to accelerate the intervention of the rescue force, such as local police.


Heropolis allows you to centralize and supervise your intervention teams

The Heropolis solution combines a smartphone application with a secured monitoring server, enabling you to be informed in real time of the ground situation and allowing you to effectively manage and organize your intervention teams.

Heropolis, the mobile solution for team coordination

The smartphone application allows intervention team members to coordinate more accurately on the ground and to act more effectively.

Heropolis is equipped with a discrete alert feature

Heropolis is equipped with a maximum alert feature for very extreme cases. It can be set off without unlocking the smartphone and activates all the sensors of the device. The alert and its data are visualized on the server as a priority geo-localized alert. This functionality allows the authorities to adjust the rescue response at the right level.

With Heropolis, designate reference persons in your area

Extend your supervision system to all individuals, agents and managers of sensitive sites (schools, places of worship, museums,…) referenced within your area, and increase your control and your ability to provide an effective and reactive response to ensure the tranquility of your public space.

Heropolis, a secure solution, fast to deploy

The Heropolis solution is hosted on secure Thales servers. Heropolis works by license pack : you choose the type and the number of packs.



6 reasons to choose Heropolis for the tranquility of your area and its inhabitants

Connected Agents 3.0

Intervention teams coordinate in a reliable manner on the ground.

icone mobilite

A mobility-based supervision center

The Supervision Center is accessible for mobility.

icone EIJJ et Thales

Thales Secure Solution

Heropolis is hosted on secure Thales servers.

Committed and supportive people

Heropolis offers an application for citizens who are referenced by the authority (school principal, municipality agent …).

A quiet area

With Heropolis, your area gains in efficiency: digitized, reliable and time-stamped intervention data.

Modular rates

You choose the number and type of licenses you want, depending on your needs and budget.


Heropolis was founded by 6 innovators within the Thales Defense group. The team was created during a start-up competition in December 2015 and soon after the magic started happening. With their desire to change the world and countless hours of work for two years, the first version of their mobile solution for enhanced geo-localized alerts saw the light of day. The team named the solution Heropolis, after the great Greek city and her legendary heroes.

Jean-Yves Ingea

Project manager at Thales for military projects. I decided to put my know-how but above all my passion at the service of the daily tranquility of the citizens.

Rodolphe Peruzza

Rodolphe Peruzza

Design specialist and image fanatic. My job is to make things beautiful and functional, so that our products reflect our digital adventure, made of encounters and inter-connections.

Nicolas Vérin

Nicolas Vérin

Technical team manager. I share my knowledge in mobile application development, but also my experience in innovation technologies.

Hugo Le Deu

Hugo Le Deu

Passionate Developer. I was a student of a computer engineering school specializing in architecture, and took up my position as a developer to improve my skills in the latest web technologies.

Zulfukar Aslan

Zulfukar Aslan

Expert in Cybersecurity and Product Wizard. I help the team to capture the needs of the market, to test the business concept and to ensure the reliability of the system.

Matthieu Chartagnac

Passionate developer. I joined the Heropolis adventure to help develop this exciting project, bringing all my software expertise.


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