The power to act !

Heropolis puts Security and Safety at the heart of organizations. 
Beyond individual protection offers, you plan and follow in real time your Safety politics, from the emergency to the crisis.
Your organization knows how to react and adapt quickly to new threats.
heropolis solution mobile d'alerte géolocalisée

Heropolis, your editor for your safety procedures

Heropolis allows you to define and digitalize your security procedures. Updates and diffusion become fast and effective. When a procedure is activated, you can follow its evolution in time.


With Heropolis, a doubt dispelling in less than 30 seconds

With Heropolis, your employees can send a discreet alert with a smartphone or a connected button, which allows a doubt dispelling in less than 30 seconds.

With Heropolis, send a mass alert in 1 minute

The Heropolis solution allows you to send a multi-channel mass alert to one or more groups of collaborators. It enables you to warn them or ask them to perform an action with or without location.

What are your benefits ?

Validate your safety objectives

Follow defined actions in real time

Editing of reports and handrails

Avoid mainstream applications

Why Heropolis ?

CNIL : positive answer

The admissibility review carried out by the CNIL concluded that this impact analysis does not present any residual risks on personal data.

Data resiliency

The alerts are transmitted via smartphone or discreetly via our connected button, including without 3G/4G coverage.

icone EIJJ et Thales

Thales Secure Solution

Heropolis is hosted on the secure Cloud Thales and administered on the national territory. It is also possible to choose your cloud.


Heropolis was founded by innovators within the Thales Defense group. The team was created during a start-up competition in December 2015 and soon after the magic started happening. After dozens of interviews, with Safety and Security Managers, the most comprehensive, secure, resilient and ergonomic mobile geo-localized alert solution on the market was born.

Identified by Thales Direction, the team was accelerated at the Thales Digital Factory for a year, then they founded the Heropolis startup as a spin-off of the group, which remains partner.
Heropolis is now incubated at VillagebyCA in Paris. The team continues to develop and commercialize its solution, and to go further and further in innovation at the service of the Safety and Security of Organisations.


Depending on your needs, we offer you :


« Mass alerting »

  • Unlimited mass alerts using notifications
  • Starting at 149€/month

Do not hesitate to visit our website AILP offer to know more about it.

HERO 360

« Full platform »

  • Top-down and bottom-up alerts
  • Security procedures editor and follow-up 
  • Operational support


« Remote assistance »

  • HERO 360 Offer
  • Doubt removal by our partner 7/7 24/24
  • Psychological support


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