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Application de sûreté sécurité en entreprise

What does Heropolis offer ?

Heropolis provides your teams with an application that allows you to easily maintain and share your safety and security instructions for daily operations, emergencies and crisis management.

Discover the usage scenarios in safety and security explained in our video, available by clicking the link below.

Public and private organizations that trust Heropolis

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Security and safety use cases

Crisis management

Coordinate all the stakeholders of your crisis unit, in person or remotely.

Protection of isolated workers

Provide the best protection to your employees when they travel.

Incident management

Be instantly notified if a problem occurs and initiate the appropriate procedure.

Intrusion management

React as quickly as possible and in a prepared way to an on-site intrusion.

Human surveillance management

Gain efficiency and productivity in your daily monitoring tasks.


Audit all your employees quickly and intelligently then compare key indicators.

How does it work?

Your employees can alert of a situation via smartphone or via a connected button, which allows to lift any doubt in less than 30 seconds.
The security procedure is automatically activated and coordinates the actions.

They talk about it better than us…

– Alexis, que pensez-vous d’Heropolis :
– Alexis Roumelian Novadis : ” La solution Heropolis est clairement l’avenir de l’applicatif dans le domaine du pilotage de la sécur... Lire plus

Alexis Roumelian
DG Novadis

– Quel est le domaine d’expertise de Carinel (https://www.carinel.com/) dans lequel l’utilisation d’Heropolis trouve son sens ?

” En tant que consultant en sûreté, nou

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Marc Fesler
Président et fondateur de Carinel

Que pensez-vous de l’outil de pilotage sûreté et sécurité Heropolis ?

” J’ai découvert Heropolis il y a presque deux ans, à travers la présentation d’un outil digital porté

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Javier Vasquez
PDG de Valorisk

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