Frequently Asked Questions

Heropolis answers all your questions. You can also contact us if your question is not in the list below, we will be happy to answer you.
Is Heropolis a French solution ?

Absolutely, with a 100% in-house R&D and the choice of French technological assets (communication, hosting, hardware).

Our partners and investors (e.g. Thales Group) are also French.

Is your solution compliant with personal data legislation ?

We provide our clients with a comprehensive Personal Data Impact Analysis (PIA), updated annually with our DPO, the law firm Bold. Heropolis respects privacy and only accesses personal data for appropriate purposes and for a justified period.
+ GDPR conformity

Is your solution secure ?

Our developers apply the security rules by following the state of the art in this field. All exchanges are encrypted. We also provide our customers with traceability regarding the recommendations of the ANSSI, and all measures and certification of data hosting.

Does your solution work everywhere ?

Tested and deployed in many places around the world, Heropolis works on LTE data networks or Wifi without territorial limits, except for data flow limitations. In grey or white areas, our partnership with operators allows us to offer connection relays. We also have an offline mode on many features of the app.

Can your solution be used on any support ?

Our mobile app is available on both Android and Apple stores. It can also be installed on a PC, or accessed via any browser.

Is Heropolis basically a security software ?

The “no code” approach in visual workflows allows you to create most of the job procedures in a few minutes, for security as well as for other needs (maintenance, cleaning, etc.). But our offer also includes 3 levels of support services: “Customer Success” support to advise and assist you in defining, implementing and deploying procedures, our 24-hour remote surveillance center for all your incidents and alerts, and our business experts specializing in the subjects that matter to you (crisis management, site security, event security, security abroad, legal security, etc.).

Is Heropolis an handbook ?

Yes, Heropolis covers the regulatory needs for Handbook (traceability, automatic archiving, automatic or simplified data entry, access rights, etc.), but not only that ! The business tools of your agents, the PTI, the communication systems, the data exploitation and especially a modular app for all your collaborators : upgrade to the next level in terms of ergonomics and reactivity.


Is the electronic ledger data saved ?

All the data of Heropolis, on the thread of the electronic ledger as well as on the entirety of the data entered, are automatically backed up every 24 hours. In case of loss of current data, the Heropolis technical team knows how to restore in record time all the data and ensure the full continuity of the safety and security service.

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